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Born Dallas, Texas

Lives in Frisco, Texas

Artist Bio


Kaivan Askari is a classically trained painter specializing in contemporary and abstract works. His bold style of a complex layering of colors and textures formed in an expressive, purposeful way that invites a certain reflection from the viewer.

There is an engaging open-ended narrative in Askari's paintings that allows the viewer to be suspended in a dreamlike reality. His work is a personal exploration. The Powerful tension and movement against the soft edges and different hues complement each other in these works and has been described as, "colors fancifully dancing with one another against the light." 

Artist Statement


Painting has always taught me to look deeper and to observe my emotions, my aim is to capture a moment in my life by expressing tension and harmony by allowing the paint to speak with its own nature.


The paint tells it's own story with how it moves I simply help facilitate and unfold it with my intent to blend it into the next. I love telling my story without words and let the viewer find their own story within it. The language that expresses and evokes a different emotion within each person is the purpose.

Giving Back

Kaivan teaches others how he does his art and the process behind the madness on his YouTube channel. He does not believe in trade secrets and loves giving back to the art community. It has helped his mental health and firmly believes it can help millions of others with a form of expression that allows for healing. 

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