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ALCOHOL INK PAINTING DEMO - Should I wait to be Inspired before I Paint? 15 min Speed Painting?

How do I get past feelings that I have that don't allow me to start painting? We use the excuse as creatives, "I'm waiting for inspiration." or "I'm working it out in my head." Well, the process I show today is how I force myself to be inspired by giving myself little challenges. The energy, muse, and inspiration follow as soon as I start to paint. The passion for wanting to solve the challenge of this painting shines through.


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00:00 - Borrtex - "Awake the Light"

03:16 - Scott Buckley - "Beautiful Oblivion"

10:11 - Borrtex - "Awake the Light"

15:15 - Scott Buckley - "Luminance"

20:04 - Scott Buckley - "This Too Shall Pass

28:41 - Scott Buckley - "This Too Shall Pass

39:13 - Scott Buckley - "Luminance"

44:00 - Scott Buckley - "The Miracle of Light"

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