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ALCOHOL INK PAINTING DEMO - What you need to Paint - How to Use Alcohol Inks for Beginners.

Getting started with Alcohol Inks?

Are you procrastinated or intimated? This video will help you over that hump. I truly believe you should not wait and just jump in. Once you start it will make sense and you will learn so many things that I simply won't even be able to explain. Don't fret and just Go for it, what do you have to lose?!?

I will do a demo, explain my thought process and techniques as I work through this painting. This is a DYI on how to use alcohol inks. It's for Beginners

You can help my blog or channel by buying these inks from my Amazon Storefront. You don't pay anything extra. I just get credit for using my link. Thanks again

Please share my blog, or Youtube videos with your friends, comment send me questions.

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