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ART Chat: Thomas Motley - Answering my Questions Pricing Art, AI Art, and the Future of Art.

I sat down with Thomas Motley, Texas color field painter, illustrator, art professor, and writer. I sat down with him to chat and learn from a true artist who's been doing it for several decades. I asked him questions about, what inspires him, pricing art, how to get out there to galleries, and what he thinks about Procrastination. We speak about AI art and its future. He has a rich history and affinity for art.

01:20 - What type of Art Work does Tom Do?

04:12 - About Tom and how he Got started doing Art. What inspires him?

10:08 - Don't analyze the totality of your art.

15:15 - Artist Intent to make the painting, and get creativity out. No Why yet!

17:11 - Younger Tom's eyes opened up to Abstract Art

23:00 - It's all about balance when doing art, filling the creativity void.

26:09 - Do I need to know how do basic drawings in order to do abstract?

32:30 - Can anyone be an artist?

37:10 - Tom's Thoughts on Procrastination

42:30 - Other ways to work out your art in your head

47:50 - How do I know when I have a body of work?

1:03:00 - How do I price my work?

1:25:00 - Hyperealism art, is it popular again?

1:33:00 - AI-generated art in art shows. Problem?

1:36:20 - New Category in Art Competition for AI-Generated work?

1:48:50 - AI-Art threatening?

1:56:25 - Tom's Thoughts and Advice for Future Artists

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